Gummette Bearlina has been Gummy Beary's tomboyish rival for a long time, they have met in Gummigarten and have different common interests with each other. They both didn't get along with each other, she thought he was stupid and calls him that and he gets offended by the name-calling from her, she is the Famous Star Basketball Player called by the other gummy bears, when she was in Gummigarten, she started experiencing basketball there and wants to find out what Gummy Beary's up to for her competition at what he's going to do anything to stop her from being a champion at sports.


She is described as the fiercest Gummy Bear, always challenging other Gummy Bears for a competition, and she is rebellious towards others, Gumette Bearlina can also be described as a troublemaker and Gummy Beary is aware of what she is doing, like being a jerk towards him and rejecting his help for herself, she is arrogant and self-centered, being independent from others, she loves showing off to others, which everyone hates but she refuses to reveal her good side to anyone.


She is a red gummy bear who has brown hair in a pixie cut, and wears a green shirt and pants with white shoes, she rarely changes her attire because she wants to recognized by others, her eyes are light purple.

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