Gummy Beary


Gummy Beary is an adventurous, friendly, and shy gummy! He can help every bear for the Gummy Bear World! His signature color is purple and blue, likes to eat Gummy Yum-Yums, every gummies favorite food! Also gumberries are delicious for him! His best friend is Gummi Cuddle, he gives devilish ideas to him, sometimes he will become bad because of him.

First AppearanceEdit

The New Gummy Bear In Town

Favorite QuotesEdit

Oh gumsticks!'

'Keep your eyes on the hole not the donut.'

'Hello gummy citizens how are you today?'

'Chilling out today Gumette Bearlina?'

'Jolly ol fairly Gummis!'


Friends Edit

Gummy Beary: He's been friends with Beary since they were in Gummigarten. He shared his toys and books with Gummy, he started to be friends with him, Cuddle returned his friendship, they started to play in recess. Gummi goes to the swings but Gummy went to the monkey bars instead! Their friendship never ended when they were fully grown up.

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